Monday, March 10, 2008

We're deep into the longueurs of the winter box now, and I can't bring myself to post photos, or descriptions, of cabbage + various protein plates. I have, in fact, become somewhat of an expert at cooking cabbage, but I cannot muster the will to expound at length on the process.

So, a pet picture. Here, Tucker works for what is seemingly a treat, but is in reality a prescription dental biscuit.

The Maine branch is apparently working flour variations of The Minimalist's No-Knead bread recipe, albeit with less than exemplary data collection and variable control methodologies. I'm hopeful there will be a post on the topic soon...


coffeehound said...

on cabbage: shred a bunch of it, stick it in a pot with salty water and wait a couple of weeks.

on control methodologies: see above.

Stephanie Bush said...

Remember that episode of MASH where Radar thinks that he's uncovered a group of N. Koreans planting mines around the four-oh-double-seven, but in reality they were burying pots of kimchee? Then they found the kimchee and Hawkeye collapsed in hysterical laughter, and rolled on the ground? That was funny.